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Meet the school

July 5, 2014

Panel date is looming and I have been to lots of appointments to find out a ton of information about the boys.

first stop – school.

Biggest boy has been at the same school since he first began school when he was still living with birth parents. It was really interesting to hear about how things have changed for him throughout his life and how confident they are that adoption is what is needed.

Rather than focusing on academics, they gave me an overview of him as a child. The way they talked about him was lovely and they are clearly very attached to him. He has difficulties, as children with difficult starts so often do, but they describe him as having huge potential.

I was incredibly nervous before the meeting as I didn’t know what to expect and it was very surreal to meet people that knew the boys. I couldn’t help but feel slightly ‘vetted’ like they were deciding whether they thought I was good enough for him.

Thankfully it was a positive experience and went a little way towards making the boys feel very real.