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May 27, 2013

Just looking through old posts and don’t believe I wrote anything about my SW meeting my references so thought I’d do it now.

My SW met 3 of my references in person. Obviously, I don’t know a great deal about what was discussed but it felt like a real turning point for me.

The feedback I received was that the questions largely followed the written reference form that they had filled in previously which looked at things like areas of strength/weakness, my health and finances etc. However, after a quick chat with them it also seemed that some time was given to making sure that they fully understood the realities of adoption. My SW talked a bit about the support they each could provide and encouraged them to make sure I  felt able to ask them for help.

All in all, I was very nervous about the references but they seemed a very positive experience. They asked questions about when a child would be placed etc which, once again, got me really excited. She also said she what no worries about me at panel so that’s got to be a good sign!