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Prep Course

December 8, 2012

Up to now my journey has been incredibly slow which has always suited me as I didn’t want to rush into something without ensuring it was definitely what I wanted. However, suddenly 18 months in, things seem to be happening at a much faster pace and I’m feeling ready for everything to start happening 🙂

Last month, I attended my LA’s adoption preparation course and that was certainly a rollercoaster. The course itself was pretty incredible as the social workers packed in an incredible amount of information into the days focusing particularly on attachment and the challenges that can come with adopted children. The days were broken up with lots of activities which brought the issues to life and got all the prospective adopters interacting with each other (and learning a lot from each other!).

For me, the most valuable part of the course was the people I met. We met couples who had adopted who spoke quite inspirationally about the challenges they had faced but these were completely overshadowed by the love and admiration they had for their children. The opportunity to meet other prospective adopters was also invaluable and I hope to keep in touch with most of those who were on the course but I met one couple who live fairly locally who I felt a particular connection and the beginnings of a good friendship with.

Following the prep course, I imagined another wait before being assigned a social worker but this has already been done so I’m now waiting to get a date booked in for the start of the home study. Things are beginning to move a little more quickly and rather than scared or nervous I just feel overwhelming excitement and that the timing is definitely right for me to begin the journey towards becoming a parent.


Prep Course – Invitation

November 4, 2012

How excited am I? I have just received a letter to confirm the LA are ready to proceed with my assessment and inviting me to the next Adoption Preparation Course!

Once I got over the initial excitement (and phoned my mum to tell her), I had a look through the pack that was sent and started to get my head around things. The pack includes: information about the prep course, adoption application form, references form and self assessment pack (to start gathering info for home study).

It’s an amazing feeling that after 18 months of waiting, from my initial enquiries with agencies, I am finally making progress. It is feeling suddenly very real but so very exciting!

Now it’s time for me to go and consider who to have as my zillion references!