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Happy Christmas

January 8, 2013

Hope anyone reading had a lovely Christmas!

It seems odd to write a message about Christmas when it’s not part of the process but in terms of my personal situation I made some real progress this Christmas.

I spent Christmas with my family, as I do every year, and it was really noticeable that my intention to adopt has been accepted so readily and happily by all my immediate family. At several points, things were said along the lines of “when you adopt…” which was lovely.

If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll know that my mum has always been very supportive of my plans which has been amazing. Because of this, I sometimes worry that I don’t really know how my dad feels about it so I decided to try to¬†get him more involved this Christmas. I bought the BAAF book designed for grandparents and gave it to him when I visited. He intends to read it (which is always good) and took it away with him but it was something he said about the book which really stood out. Out of nowhere, he suddenly said “I don’t understand the point of this book. I’d never treat an adopted grandchild any differently” which shows how accepting he is of it all. Brilliant news!

PS – I did explain that the book was more about the difficulties children can have and how parenting may differ because of this.


A bit of history

September 4, 2011

Thought it’d be fit to begin with a brief history so anyone reading knows where I’m currently at.

Adoption is something I always considered as an option in my long term plan but recently some incidents in my life made me think seriously about whether or not I really wanted to do it. Clearly the answer was yes but I decided to do some research and sort out some personal things first.

As mentioned previously I have done a great deal of reading, both of forums and a range of books which only fed my enthusiasm and interest in adoption. I made every effort to sort out the ‘issues’ I wanted sorted before entering the process and finally achieved that this August.

At this point I approached several agencies for information and sent initial inquiry forms to 3 agencies: 2 LAs and 1 VA. I’m currently booked to attend an information evening with one of the LAs and have an initial interview booked with the VA (so far I’ve heard nothing from the other LA). Getting very positive vibes from the VA but waiting to see how things go.

Adoption reading continues too – currently reading ‘what to expect when you’re adopting’ by Dr Ian Palmer