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More delays

September 8, 2013

Despite being prepared and excited, the world of adoption strikes another blow…

I got a call from my SW to say that my panel date wouldn’t go ahead as she got the report back with requests for some more information. The information is very straight forward so she added it the same day and sent it back but it means that it won’t be ready for next week and therefore the best we can hope for is a panel date towards the end of September.

As ever, I try to look on the bright side (despite being extremely disappointed) and this delay is much better than going to panel and having them defer me due to the missing information.

Everything is ready for panel so I can just concentrate on other things until a date is actually confirmed.


Moving quickly

August 17, 2013

I was always eager to keep my blog posts fairly regular but would often struggle to find things to write about. Often, no progress was made for weeks and weeks on end and I had nothing to say. Then, all of a sudden, I have SO much to write about in such a short amount of time.

In my last post, I said that my PAR had been completed and submitted to the manager for checking. AllĀ must haveĀ gone well because at the end of the week I was sent a copy (excluding references). I was asked to read it through and check for any errors and was surprised at how long it was. After trudging through 30 pages of information about me I was really pleased – pleased that there were almost no mistakes to correct (attentive social worker!) and pleased with how positive it all was. I don’t think I could be happier, it is a true picture of me and my adoption journey and to the untrained eye I can’t foresee any major problems (fingers crossed). If panel have any problems then at least they will be real problems and not just due to errors in the paperwork.

My SW also mentioned a couple of children she would like me to consider! Talk about exciting!!! First job is to get through panel and then consider some profiles. After such a long process it is so exciting to see things moving so quickly. Hopefully panel will go smoothly and one of those LOs will be perfect for me.

Next step – wait for confirmation of a panel date and try not to implode in the meantime. Really need to get my family book done for panel too – I keep putting it off because I’m worried I’ll mess it up or generally miss something important.


PAR = done

August 13, 2013

Well this post has been a long time coming but I am pleased to announce that my PAR has now been completed!

It has been submitted to the manager and hopefully everything will go smoothly now for a panel date in September. I am still always worrying about what may go wrong but my SW seems confident that we should breeze through panel.

Also discussed children today. Nothing specific but a refresher for my SW as to exactly what I am hoping for. This has got me unbelievably excited and I am really looking forward to September and hopefully a quick linking/matching experience.

Can’t stop smiling!