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January 8, 2013

I celebrated the new year in style – by going to my GP for my adoption medical (I know how to live!)

Despite some initial confusion over my husband’s appointment being the following day (uhm…what husband?!), all seemed to go smoothly. My GP had completed similar forms with people in the past so had a general idea of what she was doing which really helped.

Initially, we went through what I’d filled in briefly and then she asked me lots of questions to confirm I hadn’t had an assortment of problems (and she checked lots of things on the computer too). Following that she did some physical examinations – reflexes, heart, lungs, breasts etc and made me go and provide a urine sample which I wish I’d known about beforehand!

It was very uneventful and easy and I’m one step further along in the process.

Comment of the day “Can you do adoption on your own? Well…I guess so”. Thanks, GP!