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Initial Interview – LA

August 25, 2012

This week the LA came to my house to carry out their initial interview. I hadn’t felt too nervous until she pulled up outside and I realised there were 2 people. I wasn’t expecting 2 so was suddenly terrified but they were both lovely and put me at ease very quickly.

I had, perhaps foolishly, assumed that it would be similar to the last interview I had with the VA. I was very wrong. The interview at the VA had discussed my reasons behind adoption but a lot was her sharing information. In this week’s interview the questions started by discussing my upbringing with a surprisingly¬†level of detail and for the next hour and a half I was questioned in-depth on a whole range of issues. We discussed my family, my support network, my reasons for wanting to adopt, my childcare experience and the kind of children I was looking for. With every question I was surprised at the level of detail expected but didn’t find any of the questions embarrassing or difficult to answer.

During the interview we discussed the type of children that were typically looking for adoption and whether or not I would consider them (e.g. those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities etc). As a teacher, I have experience with these kind of children and was often answering with a strong yes and “I could cope with that”. The social worker stopped me and said it was ok to say no. This surprised me but she continued to explain herself. She explained that sometimes it’s ok to not think about what you can cope with but the kind of child you picture in your family. It really gave me something to think about and has been on my mind ever since – maybe I need to put my own needs and desires a little bit higher.

Overall the experience¬†was very positive and I’m pleased to feel myself taking steps forward. Following this interview the social worker will complete a report which will be given to her manager and they will make a decision as to whether to take me further and send me on a prep course.

She has already contacted me to say that she felt I was a strong candidate but has some concerns about my support network and felt that may be a factor in whether they take me on. Because of this, she asked me to complete an ecomap to give her a better idea of the support I have in my life. I’ve done this and hope it’s convincing enough but if not, at least I’m already aware that they might say no.