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Start again – info evening

July 4, 2012

it has been a long time since my last post. Following my disappointment with the VA I decided to take some ‘me’ time and put my adoption journey on hold. I know I’m young so there isn’t my rush but over the last few weeks it has become a sticking point again. I started thinking about children constantly and decided it was time to give things another go. I emailed several LAs and was invited to an information evening for one which I attended this week.

The information evening was really good for a number of reasons. I have done my research into adoption so I didn’t think I’d actually gain that much from attending but I was proved wrong. Sitting in a room full of other adopters really brought home what my plans were and the social worker went through details which reminded me of a lot of things I’d forgotten about over recent months.

The biggest positive for attending was definitely the talk given by some of their adopters. It was really interesting to hear their experience, including the highs and the lows. Several times I felt teary as they spoke so fondly about their journey and adopted son and it made it feel so real.

Following the information evening I picked up a form which has now been completed and I wait to see whether or not they will take my application any further. Of course, my fingers are firmly crossed but I also accept that it may not be the right time for me. There were a huge number of people at the information evening and it made me realise how tough it is for them to choose which applications to take further.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!