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Introductions – week 1 summary

August 6, 2014

Well I survived the first week of introductions and I’m not going to lie it has been tough (in some ways).

Spending time with the boys has been wonderful and generally easy – although there has been some pushing of boundaries and getting to know how to manage them (which isn’t always easy!). The first few days I felt happier and more confident with each passing hour but after about the third day I found things really tough. This is not because of the boys in any way but because of the really strange experience that is ‘introductions’.

Being in a stranger’s house 24/7 is never easy but you muddle on through – everyone knows that it has to be done. But as time passed on, and I took on more responsibility, I just felt more and more in the way and ready to move things on. There is generally nothing to do in someone else’s house but sit and play (or watch) the boys and after a few days this gets a little monotonous. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or unhappy but think it’s important to be honest.

I spent just over a week in someone else’s way and am now thrilled to be starting the second week where the boys will be spending more and more time at my house. I am hopeful that things will start to feel more real and also more relaxed (which will hopefully mean I’m not quite so tired).

Introductions are as tiring as everyone says they are but I was surprised at how awkward they can feel. I am very ready for the next stage though and I know that the past week has been very helpful in that respect.


Meet the (foster) parents

July 5, 2014

Next step – meet the foster carers.

At this point, I went through a huge transformation. The boys are no longer just bits of paper but real REAL children who I have seen hundreds of photographs of and I’m starting to get a good idea of what they are.

I was fortunate that the social worker and foster carers took control as I was overwhelmed with information and couldn’t think of anything to ask. They just talked about how they found the boys, an idea of their daily routine, any expected challenges etc.

Overall, I would describe it as exciting but very overwhelming. There is a real need to start thinking practically (like how do they sleep, any tips) but I just want to know the fun things still.

I got to see lots of photographs which brought them to life a lot. Up until this point, I had only seen one photograph and it was pretty poor. Now I’ve seen more, I wonder if they choose terrible photographs on purpose. I wish I had been able to take a photograph away but never mind, hopefully it will be taking photographs of my own soon!