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Nothing goes smoothly

January 11, 2014

I haven’t updated this blog in an absolute age and I’m afraid it hasn’t been for good reasons.

A couple of weeks after meeting the child’s social worker and being officially linked I got a call from my social worker. Birth mum was pregnant again and it was expected that they would want to place both babies together. Unfortunately, as a single adopter I just didn’t think I could cope with that and had to make the decision to pull out (although I was given the option to adopt both). I took this very hard (as expected) especially as I kept being given news  that could get my hopes up, only for them to come crashing down again.

I had a lovely family Christmas before getting back on the adoption rollercoaster and only one week into the new year already things have been crazy. I was approached about the possibility of another baby and a decision was due to be made about which family to progress with. I then got news that this decision has been delayed for 2 weeks.

I have learnt that nothing ever runs smoothly but apparently I haven’t learnt to keep my emotions in check. So at the moment I’m doing a lot more waiting. Waiting 2 weeks to see if I will be linked with this baby, waiting for the next surprise hurdle and still waiting to become a mummy 😦

Fingers crossed for good news soon!


More delays

September 8, 2013

Despite being prepared and excited, the world of adoption strikes another blow…

I got a call from my SW to say that my panel date wouldn’t go ahead as she got the report back with requests for some more information. The information is very straight forward so she added it the same day and sent it back but it means that it won’t be ready for next week and therefore the best we can hope for is a panel date towards the end of September.

As ever, I try to look on the bright side (despite being extremely disappointed) and this delay is much better than going to panel and having them defer me due to the missing information.

Everything is ready for panel so I can just concentrate on other things until a date is actually confirmed.