Matching panel

Well this week it all became official – I got a yes at matching panel and will soon be a mummy to 2 very gorgeous little boys!

I found the experience terrifying but oddly a little less stressful than approval panel.

When I arrived, I was shown into a waiting room and the panel chair came and introduced herself. She explained how the process was work and it was almost exactly the same as approval panel. Then I waited while they looked through the notes and chose some questions.

Finally, I was called in to answer some questions with both my social worker and the boys’ social worker. The questions were mostly as expected – why these boys? How will you cope if they have trouble bonding with you? How will you meet their individual needs? I thought I answered the questions well and after about 10 questions was asked to leave while the social workers were asked some things separately.

The social workers followed me after only a couple of minutes, which I was told was a good sign. Then the true waiting began but honestly, I felt quite positive.

Eventually the chair came out and told me that it was a unanimous yes. Then she went through a list of Barbour 10 reasons they felt it would be a match which was a really lovely touch. She also thanked me for coming forward to adopt the boys which was also a lovely thing to say.

All in all, despite the nerves, it was a very positive experience. I enjoyed it more than approval panel and now just can’t get my head around the fact that I am going to be a mum. When will it start to feel real?



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One Comment on “Matching panel”

  1. izzwizz Says:

    Congratulations! I am sure that it will all start to feel very real VERY soon x

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